Presentations and researches

A comparative Study of Renewable Energies in Germany Vs. Iran with an Overview on Transition Towns, lake management measurements, freshwater bioindicators, succession trends in ecosystems, mangrove threats in Iran, quantifying cultural services of ecosystems, renewable energies, biotoxics in the environment, grassland and forest measurements, bioremediation, olive oil waste water treatment suggestions, evaluation of cultural services of ecosystems, potential of renewable energies for Easter island, Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees, Bioremediation of Nympha alba, Aloe vera a herbal medicine, ornithological reproduction systems, wildcats, parkplanning methods in Iran, life-cycle of Fasciola hepatica, a comparative study of natural monuments of Iran, risk assessment, green economics

Wildlife Journal ( Donya ye Vahsh) Tehran, Iran: Classification and ecology of turtles, brown bears` ecology, Persian Cats (2009 – 2010)