M.Sc. Lena Yasmin Watermann

Lena Watermann

Doctoral candidate

Olshausenstraße 75, 24118 Kiel, Raum: 309
Phone: +49 (0) 431 880-3637

Research interest

My research focus are the mechanisms underlying and promoting biological invasions. I am specifically examining the effect of genotypic diversity and biotic factors on establishment and spread in native and non-native populations of Jacobaea vulgaris Gaertn. For this I am combining genotypic analyses with common garden experiments.

Curriculum vitae

Seit 2019
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Thema: The effect of genotypic diversity and biotic factors on the invasion process in native and non-native populations of Jacobaea vulgaris

2014 – 2018
M.Sc. Biologie
CAU Kiel
Titel der Abschlussarbeit: Responses of exotic plant species to changing environmental conditions – the role of adaptation and plasticity in elevational range expansion

2011 – 2014
B.Sc. Biologie
CAU Kiel
Titel der Abschlussarbeit: Der Einfluss von Iod und Arabitol auf die trocknungsinduzierte Fluoreszenz-Löschung bei Trebouxia asymmetrica


Watermann, L.Y., Hock, M., Blake, C. et al. Plant invasion into high elevations implies adaptation to high UV-B environments: a multi-species experiment. Biol Invasions 22, 1203–1218 (2020).
DOI: 10.1007/s10530-019-02173-9

Conference contributions

Watermann L.Y., Blake C., Hock M., Kalwij J.M., Erfmeier A. (2017): Functional traits in exotic plant species along an elevational gradient in South Africa – the role of local adaptation. BES, GFÖ, NECOV and EEF joint annual meeting: ecology across borders; 11/12/2017 – 14/12/2017; Ghent, Belgium, 2017. Poster

Kalwij J.M.*, Schwarz L.-M., Turner S.C., Watermann L.Y., Erfmeier, A. (2017): Reaching new heights: alien plant dynamics in a montane ecosystem. EMAPI 14 - International conference on ecology and management of alien plant invasions; 4/9/17-8/9/17; Lisboa, Portugal, 2017. Talk

Watermann L.W.*, Durka W., Erfmeier A (2020): Genetic diversity fosters establishment success in native but not invasive populations – Experimental evidence from a biennial plant species. ESA annual meeting – Harnessing the Ecological Data Revolution; 03/08/2020 - 06/08/2020; Anywhere Virtually. Talk