Projects in the Research in Svalbard (RiS) database (10)

RiS ID 10597: Vegetation succession after human impact at Advent City

RiS ID 10516: Human impact at Advent City

RiS ID 10255: Archaeological survey on Jan Mayen, Norwegian Sea

RiS ID 10194: Pomor archaeology on Edgeøya

RiS ID 10105: Archaeological rescue excavation in Kvalrossbukta on Jan Mayen

RiS ID 10014: Science and tourism – an integrated approach to Arctic fieldwork

RiS ID 6917: Ecological consequences of four hundred years of natural-resource exploitation in Svalbard

RiS ID 6912: Marble at fault

RiS ID 4520: Netherlands Scientific Expedition Edgeøya Svalbard

RiS ID 3106: Large scale historical exploitation of polar areas