Research focus

High resolution reconstruction of the Holocene environmental history (land use, climate, soils, relief, vegetation) based on analysis of sediments (slope deposits and soils, lake sediments, alluvial sediments, archaeo-sediments) in Europe*, Asia** und the Pacific***

  • Reconstruction of Holocene paleolimnology and environmental history based on microfacies studies and geochemical measurements on annually laminated lake sediments
  • Reconstruction of Holocene soil formation and historical soil erosion on different scales (spatial: slopes, slope catchment area/ lake catchment area/ river catchment area; temporal: heavy precipitation events… Holocene; sediment budgets)
  • Geoarchaeological investigations at and around prehistoric and historic sites- reconstruction of ancient human-environment-interactions (e.g. fluxes of matter and energy in and out of prehistoric and historic sites, reconstruction of the genesis of sites)

Investigation sites in
*Germany, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, France, Spain
***Easter Island (Chile)

Lecturer for students of Geography, Environmental Management, Archaeology
Supervision of Mastert-Theses and PhD-Theses related to the topic of Human-Environment-Interactions