Development of a concept for sustainable preservation of beaches at the Baltic Sea coast

Prpictureoject aim: Development of a concept for a sustainable management of sandy Baltic Sea Beaches, which agrees habitat and species conservation with tourism.Project start: 1.6.2011
Project period: 4 years

Scientific editing: Dipl.-Biol. Franziska Seer, fseer(at), tel: 0431 880-1199
and Dipl.-Geogr. Torsten Düwel, tduewel(at)
Co-operation partners: Workgroup Cultural Geography ; Prof. Dr. Florian Dünckmann and
Klimabündnis Kieler Bucht ; Prof. Dr. Horst Sterr
Project funding: DBU , Lighthouse Foundationpreserved beach

Final report (PDF, german 4,52 MB)


The beaches at the German Baltic Sea coasts underly in many areas a high impact by bathing tourism that led in the past to local extinction of plant and animal species. First investigations showed that the species richness on even extensively used beaches is only half as high as on preserved beaches.


In the ppictureroject, field experiments are planned to determine the home-range of animals and the reestablishment of specific species to find results for their area demand. In particular, the impact of trampling by tourists on plants and animals will be investigated. In this regard the question should be answered which trampling intensity can be tolerated to preserve the habitat for beach species. These results should be used to develop a concept to integrate nature conservation and touristic use. The project has a current time of four years and starts at June-6-2011.