Sustainable woodland use during Middle Ages and Early Modern Times?

Arne Paysen investigated in his PhD-thesis the Medieval and Early-Modern Times woodland use in Schleswig-Holstein. By combining methods of archaeology and anthracology (charcoal analysis), he used historical sites of charcoal and glass production and their legacy of charcoals, as well as following up the chain from wood to charcoal and its use in a smithy as both a practitioner – as a charcoal burner and smith – and a scientist to make up the balance how many wood is necessary for a kiln, a smith etc. These approaches in the field of experimental archaeology helps to understand the historical and archaeological features. It is intended to further elaborate the research field in a postdoc project.


Abstact „Sustainable energy economy? The use of forests for fire and charring wood supply in Schleswig-Holstein during Mediaeval and early Modern Times“