Past Projects Ecosystem Research, Geoarchaeology and Polar Ecology

Island Ecosystems Research Projects

Continental Ecosystems Research Projects

"Human Development in Landscapes" graduate school projects (selected examples)

  • Adaptation of geomorphometry for research of past and present ecosystems
  • Geomorphological and geoarcheological investigations of a multi-phased settlement mound in Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Reconstruction of the Holocene landscape development of Germany's "Mittelgebirge Spessarts" region
  • Landscape and land use dynamics in southern Ethiopia zum Anfang

Past Projects Geobotany (until 2014)

Past Projects Environmental History and Environmental Archives

  • Stymphacore Project (Greece)
  • Reconstructing the long-term dynamics in the Winderatter See catchment (Schleswig - Holstein) and disentangling the relative impacts of climate warming and eutrophication

Past Projects Applied Ecology and Palaeoecology

Palaeoecology,  project area: Holocene vegetation dynamics and land use history of selected regions in Europe

Holocene vegetation dynamics are investigated using pollen and macroremain (wood, charcoal, seeds, fruits, etc.) analysis in selected regions, attempting to answer regionally specific research questions. Changes of vegetation are caused by a bundle of factors including climate, soil development, plant migrations, animals and human activities. We especially focus on the attempt to reconstruct the composition of vegetation on fine spatial scales, which we address by the combination of pollen and macrofossil analysis.

Woodland history of Schleswig-Holstein
Woodland history in the forest-poor german federal state of Schleswig-Hostein is still poorly understood. To gain detailed information of former woodland composition and woodland continuity, especially in the Late Holocene, we perform palynological, anthracological, and archaeological (including experimental archaeology) research.

Palaeoecology,  project area: Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes”

The research group is currently involved with six palaeoecological dissertation projects in the international Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes. The Graduate School is financed in the framework of the excellence initiative of the federal state and the Bundesländer.  

Palaeoecology,  project area: Holocene Fire History in Schleswig-Holstein (HolFiSH)

Micro- as well as macrocharcoal quantification from peat and lake sediment profiles is done aiming towards the reconstruction of Holocene fire history on a local and regional scale, in Schleswig-Holstein. This "sedimentary anthracology"-approach is combined with charcoal analysis incl. taxonomic identification from soil and soil sediment profiles ("pedoanthracology" or "geoanthracology"). Interpretation of identified fire events in the past is done in the context of landscape history of selected areas.

Applied Ecology

Ecological Farming at Hof Ritzerau - Nature protection and agriculture at Hof Ritzerau farm
Component projects: