Master Thesis

Investigating the quaternary palaeoenvironment of the northern Peloponnesus (Greece)

picture fieldwork 1 Several topics for Master theses are currently available dealing on lab analyses of lake sediment cores or sediment samples of lake catchments. Main tasks are standard lab methods like loss on ignition, grain size analysis, CNS analyses, hydrological analyses or XRF. The lab data is then compiled and interpreted using the software R (for statistical analyses) and Bacon (for building up age-depth-models). At the moment, the master projects do not involve any fieldwork, however there is the opportunity for a guest visit in Greece at our partner institute at the University of Patras. The investigations are one aspect of a research project "Transformations in Early Greek Societies and Landscapes" (SFB1266-TP-E1).


picture fieldwork 2If you are interested, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Ingmar Unkel
Juniorprofessor für Umweltgeschichte
c/o Institut für Ökosystemforschung
Tel. 880-5241

date: May 2019