We offer, or participate in, various courses at the bachelor and master level, e.g. Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) Biology, Master of Sciences (MSc) Biology and within the Kiel School of Sustainability

Please consider acutual modifications due to the Corona pandemic as announced on the web pages of the respective study programs:
Biology Bachelor/Master
Kiel School of Sustainability


biol-104 (Bachelor Biology, 2nd semester): Biodiversität Tier- und Pflanzenbestimmung. (in German)
Course topics include plant identification and ecology of vascular plants:

  • Seminar series ‘Geobotanik’
  • Practical exercises ‘Bestimmen von Pflanzen’
  • Excursions ‘Exkursionen zur Formenkenntnis und Biologie von Pflanzen’

biol-163 (Bachelor Biology, 4th semester) Vegetation, Mikroklima und Boden  (in German)
Elective module. Introducing methods of plant and vegetation ecology. This module includes one week of fieldwork in Upper Franconia.

Master Courses

biol-240 (Master Bio, EM, AE) Freilandökologie  (in German and English)
A two-week block course during the summer semester: We work on topics of invasion and population ecology using different monitoring techniques to quantify population and vegetation dynamics.

eco-114 (Master Bio, EM, AE) Plant x Environment Interactions  (in German and English)
This is a one week block course with regular follow-up meetings during the winter semester. Also eligible as part of biol-201: We study the role of environmental changes in plant growth and ecosystem functioning using a greenhouse or common garden experiments.

eco-116 (Master Bio, EM, AE) Analytical Methods in Plant Ecology using R (in English)
This is a one week block course following the lecture period in the winter semester. Also eligible as part of biol-201: The learning outcome  implies in-depth knowledge on the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of plant ecological data using the statistics software R.

Geobotany seminar series
Internal seminar in which group members and collaborators present and discuss research plans and results.
Theses and practical courses (in German and English)
We are always happy to work with enthusiastic students in Bachelor and Master projects. If you are interested, contact one of our group members to discuss potential topics.

Thesis and research projects

Contributions to other modules

eco-101/S147 Geo-Ecological Regional Processes: Geobotanic processes (winter semester; in English)

agr-033 Vegetation Mitteleuropas (summer semester; in German)